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Saturday Feb 25th, 2023


Boom!     Congrats to my sellers.
Future Campground site in Ridgeville on Hwy 61. I don't ever wish to poke at previous agents who were unable to sell a property. So I never tell you that I was second or 4th agent to try and succeeded. I can give you a list of reasons I can sell when others can't. It is not just the listing itself. It is the relationship. Sometimes, it is the seller in the seller's own way.
I say this with total love and respect for you all:
You have every right to feel sentimental about land. It's yours. Keep it if you want to. I'll never tell you to sell land that you don't want to sell. But, once you hire me to HELP you sell it, I will help you let go. Disconnecting property from your heart is tough. Maybe you were planning to build on it. Maybe you have so many memories there. But, once you decide that you are moving on, I will help you to see that you are actually blessing someone else. There will be new laughter heard there. New memories made there. And you will move your asset money to a new location or new adventure. We have to cut things loose sometimes to move forward. And the real estate market is certainly telling you it is the perfect time.

This beautiful soul who allowed me to help her sell this property always planned on moving onto it with her late husband. I believe she slapped every offer in the face as if they were trying to take away a memory. But, she was tortured by it. On the day of closing she hugged my neck and thanked me. Her son thanked me. She had a weight lifted off her. She did not feel guilty anymore for selling it. She had a new plan. She wants for nothing. But, plans to bless all the Grand kids with it. So the legacy does live on. This is why I do this. Sure I pay the bills. I have to do something. But, these situations make me do this when sometimes the money is not really worth the headaches.
People. I love em.

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Ryan Dyal
The Real Estate Firm

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