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Berkeley County housing development: Who's fault?

Sunday Feb 26th, 2023


Berkeley County housing growth
Are Real Estate Agents causing our housing problems!? 

Real estate agents are not causing the "over development" of Berkeley county.  They are responding to a housing crisis and filling the need already there.  Same with investors and home builders.  They do not build houses where there is no one to buy them.  And people do not move to an area simply because there is a home waiting for them.  They do their research to find a location in need of homes and place their investment money there.  

Charleston was voted nicest place to live in the US a few years ago.  And the world was listening.  We are rich in culture, history, and beautiful marsh views.  The mountains are a few hours away and the beaches here are clean.  There is a vacation wonderland an hour north (Myrtle Beach) and the infamous Savannah downtown is close below.  Charleston is the place Black Beard was caught.  The revolution and civil war began.  Charleston has rainbow row and a historic slave market to walk.  There is no surprise Charleston is booming.  But, Charleston is also confined by bridges, causing traffic and development limitations.  So, to the outskirts, people flocked for a little less traffic and a little less home purchase price.  SO, Summerville exploded.  And Goose Creek followed.  And Moncks Corner is next.  

Why is this happening?  Money.  But, it is not real estate money causing it.  
The Joint Base of Charleston employees some 22,000 souls alone.  
MUSC: 16,000
Roper: 6,000
Boeing: 6,450
We have Volvo hiring, Walmart Distribution hiring, Indian coming, Mercedes, Bosch, and a booming port.  
Charleston has multiple colleges pumping out educated workers looking to expand their minds and careers and many want to do it right here.  
Why are we booming?  Well, people.  People are here and coming.  There is no stopping the expansion of our area no matter how you try to hinder it.  
As long as people keep seeing this lovely mild weather tempered historically rich, marsh smelling paradise, they will keep coming.  And let's touch on something no one seems to talk about.  Sex.  Unless everyone stops making whoopee, we will also continue to expand.  As many of our wonderful children will be getting out of college, getting great jobs, and will need to buy a house soon.  Where will they buy?  Downtown?  Probably not.  They will look to the edges of town which is now Cane Bay, Nexton Parkway, and yes......Moncks Corner.  

Why Moncks Corner?  Because is it only 15 minutes from all the Restaurants and shopping being built in Nexton and Cane bay.  PLUS...PLUS, there is a Lake!.  " Hey guys!  Did you see this Lake!?"  
Our secret is out.  And it will blow up faster than you ever thought possible.  Soon there will be larger and larger homes on the water and I predict we will have condos on the dike or in Moncks Corner within 15 years.  Do you know about Camp Hall?  Big commercial and industrial area being developed right off Volvo Rd and I26.  
Soon, all the manufacturers and warehouse employees of those future companies will be seeking homes within 15 minutes.  And that will, I predict even blow up places like (dare I say it) Cross, Eutawville, and even Holly Hill.  "Wait, I can get Waterfront lots for under $300k?  Those are 600 in Charleston."   

It's coming.  And it has very little to do with Real Estate Agents trying to make a buck filling a great need.  After-all, its your children Realtors are finding homes.  
Progress and expansion is a congratulations to a city.  A County.  Good work city planners.  Good work town Council.  Good work County Supervisor and all those trying to make this place a better place to live.  

Let me give you the Bad News
What you grew up with, will change.  Some of the things you enjoyed will nolonger be available.  And the things that stay will most likely have other people there with you.  Boat landings will have more people.  More traffic.  Stores and homes where there was once woods and fields.  Red lights where you use to use the cruise control.  Times are changing.  

Now, let me give you the Good News
Road Pot holes will be repaired.  Schools will have more funding.  Police and Fire departments will have higher budgets.  Infrastructure will be corrected.  More Restaurants, shops, grocery stores, entertainment will move in.  The new housing taxes are higher than many of you are currently paying.  So, thank them for their contributions.  

We cannot have both funding and less housing.  We can scream that money is being used wrong all we want.  But, more funding is needed to do all that we need to do.  Period.  You can only Dave Ramsey a budget so much and then you still have to have more money.  Real Estate taxes offer that provision.  

I know we all miss the cow fields and corn growing down our highways.  But, we have to also be real with ourselves.  Was I buying that farmer's beef?  Or was I buying the cheaper stuff at the grocery store?  Was I buying the produce at the farmer's market to support the local farmers?  Or was I picking through mounds of vegetables for the shiniest items at the big box chain Walmart?  I have sold many larger pieces of land and a couple farms now and they have told me the people simply don't support local farmers.  They are forced to subsidize or sell off to make it work.    We vote with our wallets my good people.  If you love something, support it.  Pay the higher price to help them stay in business.  As long as we continue to spend our money at nationwide discount company stores, then nationwide industries will continue to move in for a piece of the pie.  I am not advocating for some type of boycott.  No.  I am advocating for us to get real.  Realize this is happening all over the globe because people are having babies and this is what happens when they do.  Growth.  NOW....with that said.....

What you can and should be doing is making sure it is the type of growth we want for Berkeley County.  Plan it out.  What types of developments will make our town beautiful and enjoyable to live in?  And further more, help.  Do not just complain with your mouths.  Complain with your actions.  Not signs.  I mean with business.  With service.  Take advantage of the situation.  What need do you see that could be filled.  What is your talent?  How can you use it to serve the community?  What business could you open?  How can you make the future better in Berkeley?  How could you help conserve something you love while making it better and beneficial?  Change is coming.  There is no stopping it.  It is in fact the only thing that seems to stay the same.  Change is constant everywhere.  Well, except for God.  He stays the same. But, we change.  We can change.  We can adapt.  We can bless others.  We can adapt and bless instead of complaining which only makes everyone miserable.  I will leave you with this thought.  

Your children will look back on this time as their nostalgic era.  They will remember the here and now as the "Good ol days".  Hard to believe, I know.  Especially since many of you hate it now.  Because your good ol days are far in the past.  But, I assert that you CAN make this era your good days too.  Look for the good.  Enjoy the present.  Or I promise you that you will go into your older years bitter, having wasting so much precious breath wishing you had what once was.  Smile with the future generation.  Teach them to seize today and enjoy the life that was never promised.  I love Berkeley county.  Because I choose to.  

Ryan Dyal
The Real Estate Firm

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