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Why do Realtors Congratulate each other?

Monday Mar 13th, 2023



Is it a money thing?  Commission?  Every time I see someone on Facebook saying they got something under contract or closed,

all the other realtors come out to congratulate them?  Why?  What's the point?  After all, aren't they all competing against each other?

Here are a few reasons for the applause:

1. Encouragement: We remind each other that the long road was worth the gray hairs and sleepless nights
2. You were right.  Your price was at value or under.  You have proven your position.  All the Nay sayers must now eat crow. 

3. Congrats to your seller.  For choosing the right real estate agent.  For being patient.  For trusting you. For making a profit. 

For gaining the reward of investing wisely.  For cleaning and decluttering the house.  For preparing the home for sale.  For all the

inconveniences of selling like showing appointments.  For letting go of a place full of memories.  For being reasonable and saying "Yes". 

4. Congrats for the hard work.  For getting it this far.  For finding a buyer.  For a real estate listing that triggered a sale.  

5. Congrats for finding the seller and getting them to trust you for this most important transaction.  This business is about relationships.  

Good work on being there when the time was right and being the right person for the job.  Agents get paid to be knowledgeable friends.  

6. Commission.  Yes, agents have bills too.  And despite what the world thinks, the average real estate agent in South Carolina only makes about 

$32,000 per year.  This is because the average agent is closing about 6 deals a year.  It is not easy to get business for everyone.  It typically takes networking with

someone for years before they finally ask you to help them with real estate.  A congratulations is in order for the patient grind.  Good job on getting your

commission check.  Now go pay your Brokerage, the Tax man, Tithe, and bills.  OOps, it's all gone.  But, at least you got to pay the bills for another month.  That's a good thing!  

7. Social Media support.  Social Media works by a computer algorithm guessing the relevance, likeability, and popularity of a post. 

The more likes and comments, the more FaceBook shows the content.  This multiplying effect helps the agent's reach and therefor their future relevance and business.  
Each agent knows that congratulating another agent shows their support.  Even to a competitor.  SO that agent support them in return and helps them increase their own reach.  
This is a "Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" situation.  
8.  Congratulations is also given simply to say "I see you grinding".  There is much respect in real estate given to people willing to grind.  Many of us got into the business thinking it was easy money and open schedules.  Leaving behind 9-5 jobs in hopes of having more time with friends and family.  Only to learn that we left 40 hour weeks to now work 70.  To answer phone calls during dinner time and while in the shower.  Our hours are not well.....I am up today at 5am and will probably be doing this until about 7 and crash at 8:30pm.  In this business, success goes to those who chase it.  Who use up the daylight ours working.  Not waiting.  The average sales and income dramatically increases in real estate by the number of hours worked.  If you see someone closing multiple homes each month, you can bet they are working 70 hours a week.  And sleepless nights worrying about contracts and clients.   
9.  Congrats dealing with that seller/buyer.  Let's face it, not everyone is easy to handle.  Especially when you are dealing with the most important investment of a person's life.  
Nothing seems to get the emotions to the surface like locking someone into a mortgage for 30 years.  This is why some people do not like to use friends for their agent.  Because

they are afraid of getting emotional and angry during the transaction.  The emotional roller coaster is too hard for many agents.  Especially the ones who care.  We want everything to be

smooth.  But, if there is one thing you learn in years of real estate, there is always something new that can come up that surprises everyone.  Even the attorneys.   Getting 2am calls saying "I want out!" and 8am calls to apologize can turn your hair gray.  Or make it fall out.  That's my excuse...haha.  Sometimes people are downright outrageous to deal with.  But, we have a contract and obligation to serve this person.  Plus, we truly DESIRE to help.  Then, as soon as it closes....They hug your neck and thank you.  It makes it all worth it.  You never tell a soul how much life they sucked out of you.  But, that "thank you" in the end makes it All Worth It.  Truly. 

So Congrats dear agent.  We know you cannot tell us how hard this one was.  You must smile and cheese in a picture holding a key and act like everything was perfect.  But, we know your patient endurance.  Congrats on the beginning of the relationship 4 years ago until it was brought to fruition.  You will sleep well tonight.  Then rise and grind tomorrow to fill that pipe line.  So the congrats is over, get back to work.  

Ryan Dyal
The Real Estate Firm


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